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Plastic-Sided Pre-wound Bobbins

Description: A clear plastic-sided pre-wound bobbin.

Application: Home sewing machines with a drop-in bobbin case. Ideal for home embroidery, quilting and general sewing.

Features & Benefits:
  • Offers more stitches (yards per bobbin) than competitive or machine wound bobbins
  • Works great with machine thread sensors
  • Ideal for home embroidery, general sewing and productivity minded quilters
  • Wound using a high tenacity, high yield, continuous filament polyester thread
  • Available in Class L and Class 15/A
  • Available in 12 colors


: A clear plastic-sided pre-wound bobbin.

Application: Home sewing machines with a drop-in bobbin case. Designed for piecing and quilting for those
who prefer a 100% cotton bobbin thread.

Features & Benefits:
  • 100% premium cotton, long staple and mercerized
  • Washable and colorfast
  • Available in popular colors so you can spend time quilting rather than winding bobbins
  • Uniform tension control for better stitch formation
  • Offers significantly more stitches than machine wound bobbins
  • Works great with thread sensors
  • Ideal for the productivity minded sewer

 Magnetic Pre-wound Bobbins

Description: The ideal bobbin for commercial embroidery and long-arm quilting.

Application: The ideal bobbin for high production, high quality embroidery and long-arm quilting.

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented magnetic core creates unmatched tension uniformity
  • Bobbin will sew to the very end without tension variation
  • High yield fiber - more stitches per bobbin.
  • Lower cost per yard based on usable yards per bobbin
  • Colors available - our bobbin colors are a perfect match to our Premo-Core top thread colors
Some metal bobbin cases contain a backlash spring in the bottom of the case. This backlash spring must be removed.