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Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Threads

In this category you will find all of the Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Threads and Colour Charts that Paradise Dreamz carries.

We started out with our popular Paradise Dreamz Metallic Threads.  Now our thread family has grown.  Also available from Paradise Dreamz are ...

  • 40wt. Rayon Machine Embroidery Threads (320 colours)
  • 50wt. Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads. (320 colours)

Both the Paradise Dreamz  Rayon and Polyester Threads have 320 gorgeous colours to choose from.  Included in these colours are 20 fabulous variegated colours.  For your convenience I have stitched out each variegated colour in the rayon and polyester.  This way you can actually see what each variegated thread will look like stitched out.  You can view these variegated stitch out in the rayon & polyester variegated thread categoris.  I was extremely pleased with the results.  There is a wonderful selection of variegated threads to choose from.

Don't let the low price of our Paradise Dreamz fool you.   The quality in our line of Paradise Dreamz threads is excellent! 

We choose a select group of machine embroidery hobbyist to thoroughly test the Paradise Dreamz threads before we committed to putting our name behind them.  The results were very impressive.  We were getting stitch counts of over 20,000 threads before any breakage.  This gave me the confidence to invest in my own line of thread.  I hope that valued customer... will be as pleased as we are with the Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Threads.

The Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon and 50wt Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads our available in the following:
  • 1100 yd. cone  Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon & 50wt Polyester (sold in singles)
  • 1100yd. cone  Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon & 50wt Polyester  Sets (10 cones per set)
  • 5500 yd. cone  Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon & 50wt Polyester (Black & White ONLY)
  • 1100 yd. cone  Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon & 50wt Polyester (sold in singles)
  • 1100 yd. cone  Paradise Dreamz 40wt. Rayon & 50wt Polyester Sets (10 cones per set)

Please Note Our Paradise Dreamz Thread Sets will be available soon! 

WARNING:   Paradise Dreamz Machine Embroidery Thread is addictive...once you've used them, you will keep coming back for more! Enjoy
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