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Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Machine Embroidery Threads are manufactured using the finest quality Trilobal Polyester.

Trilobal polyester is a multiple filament, twisted, high-sheen continuous fiber thread.  It has the bright appearance of rayon or silk.  The triangular shaped fibers reflect more light and give an attractive sparkle to textiles.  If the desired effect you are looking for is strength, durability, softness, and brightness, Trilobal Polyester is perfect for the job.

Following are characteristics of Trilobal Polyester:

  • Brightness.  High-sheen for attractive quilting and machine embroidery designs.
  • Trilobal Polyester is recommended for higher machine embroidery speeds.  The strength of our polyester results in less thread breaks.
  • Colourfastness.  Withstand chlorine.  Durable to cleaning by machine and UV exposure.  Our Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester will not weaken with washes.
  • Controlled elongation (stretch).  Trilobal Polyester out performs other polyester threads (such as spun poly)
  • Abrasion Resistant.  Higher abrasion resistance that Rayon Thread.  Ideal for children's apparel and industrial work wear.
  • More stitch volume.  Our Paradise Dreamz 50wt. Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread has a slight 3-D effect with less need for underlay or cord.  Perfect for Satin Stitches.
  • Virtually lint free!

You will appreciate the new "snap bottom" spool.  No more messy threads hanging now that you can neatly tuck the thread into the "snap bottom" after use.

The Black and White colours are also available on the 5000m. spools.
Coming Soon....the Paradise Dreamz 50wt Polyester Threads will be available in sets. Each set will come with 10 beautiful, 1000m. spools of thread.
You have 300 wonderful solid 50wt. Polyester Colours to choose from.
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